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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • jchan
    09-17 09:54 AM
    This used to be no big deal, but since we've seen many RFE's and rejections for H1B extension at VSC, I feel like posting here. My employer is a midsized consultancy corp, pretty decent for the time I worked for them in past two years so I suspect they don't have any past violations. My six year H1B will expire end of this year. H1B extension was filed last week on premium processing. It is 3 year extension based on approved I-140. It is approved about 7 days after receipt.

    Good luck to everyone!

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  • komaragiri
    07-27 08:39 AM
    USCIS should be able to respond to you within 15 days(premium processing time) after they receive your RFE response

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  • bestia
    07-20 02:40 AM
    PERM takes from 2 weeks and upward. Mine took 9 months. Why? nobody knows. My friend's first PERM (eb3) took 6 months. Second (eb2) took 2 weeks.

    You can file for I-140 (+ I-485) only after LC approval and if your date is current (for your country and your category).

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  • logiclife
    01-18 06:04 PM
    They will in Feb.

    They have to. Otherwise the universities who provide these advanced degrees only to ask students with advanced degrees go go back saying "Sorry folks, no H1s" will have to kiss goodbye to 13 billion in revenue.


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  • tabletpc
    03-06 04:40 PM
    I am applying for new H1b in April. Also I have 485 applied under EB2 with I-140 approved.

    1. Can anyone tell me what all information about my green card status I need to share with prospective employer attorney to make sure they provide it in H1b application...???

    2. What's alien number and where can I find it...???

    Thanks in advance...

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  • sunil92
    06-25 10:33 PM

    I applied for L1 to H1 Conversion, but i am planning to travle to India from July 23 and will be back to US on 13th Aug.

    Can I travle outside US after applying for conversion. Need some one to response ASAP


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  • zephyrus
    12-01 05:19 PM

    Any thoughts/analysis on what this means to our situation?


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-30 12:20 PM
    Often, when there is a great concentration of businesses focused on a specific industry in a particular geographic location, the area is called the "Silicon Valley" of and then you fill in the blank. That's a tribute to Silicon Valley in Northern California which is the home to many of America's great tech companies - Google, Apple, Intel, etc. For example, Charlotte is the Silicon Valley of banking. Nashville is the Silicon Valley of hospital firms. Well, it turns out the actual Silicon Valley is the Silicon Valley for America's ping-pong talent. All of those immigrant tech workers who came...

    More... (


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  • macrosky
    06-19 11:47 PM
    Can I use instead of flcdatacenter to determine the prevailing wage? Will immigration officer accept this source? Thanks

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-23 09:16 PM
    thats good news and bad news.

    good news because, who waited for years for LC will be very happy.

    bad news because, the PD will go back even more!



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    09-23 04:56 PM
    my pd march 2002 pending 485 any estimated time to get 485 approved?

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  • plakshmi
    08-26 12:11 PM
    My daughter has joined in a medical program in India and she has to return to US after 4 years to continue her studies. Her 485 is in process and she has stamped H4 upto 2012 ( 3 years from now). I am trying to find out the best strategy to get her here after 4 years if we dont get GC prior to H4 stamping expiry.
    Should I continue to apply her EAD and Advance parole whenever she visits US (She will come to US atleast once every year)? Or Can I apply for her EAD and Parole just before the expiry of her h4 stamp (That is after 3 years)? Please advise.


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  • tcfannin
    01-12 07:47 AM
    I was on H1 visa and laid off from job on 10/30/09. I got severance pay for Nov. and have the pay stubs. I applied for COS from H4 to F1 for my spouse (already in collage) and H1 to F2 for me on 12/9/09. Meanwhile immigration performed spot check at my ex-employers on 12/3/09, so they came to know that i was not working. My employer had not revoked H1 by then. Our COS application was received by USCIS on 12/14/2009, case is currently under Initial Review.
    - Will the immigration officers who did spot check inform USCIS that i was out of status?
    - Will case get rejected due to delay in applying for COS?
    - Will there be any complications in transferring my H1 to new employer as i was out of status for about a month before i applied for COS?
    - How to stop F2 COS if i get H1 transfer approved first?

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  • liberty
    01-13 05:53 PM
    I have not got any update from expert. Could you please take a look?


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  • marty
    07-09 06:20 PM
    I have the same situatation and called them numerous times. They say they will honour the actual date that is written on the receipt and not on the web site. When you call USCIS, you have to tell them that your receipt date is different than what is displayed on the web stie.

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  • jasmin45
    07-31 07:32 PM
    Please update your information at
    This will help you and all.
    Please run a search before creating new threads. There are several threads with link and most of the guys out here has already a record in there.
    I would suggest to contact admin to close this thread.


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  • xgr3
    05-14 08:59 PM
    No, I have not moved to different state. I am in the same state since the day I filed my labor.

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  • badluk13
    08-25 06:39 PM
    All you have to do is...while in the preview and export editor click Fill Options in the output options box and then pick Mesh Gradiant shading from the fill style dropdown menu. That should solve the problem because it is probably rendering with cartoon average fill as default.

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  • rokocoko
    01-11 06:06 PM
    It will be a good idea to post your message in localfiles

    I am sure you will find someone.

    01-31 10:37 PM
    Hello All,

    I have two questions about using EAD and H1B status.


    My GC is in EB3 category. I got my EAD in 2007 and renewing it every year on time. My H1B is also valid with my current employer. I have used advance parole while coming back from India. I don't know if that makes any difference.

    Last year I have done some part time (after hours and weekend) work for different employer and got 1099 tax forms.

    Q1) Does it mean my H1B is invalid or can I still continue to be in H1B immigration status?

    Q2) If I find a new employer who is willing to file labor under EB2 then can I continue the H1B status with the new employer? If not can I work for the new employer using EAD and still start my green card process?

    Please advice.


    10-25 08:07 PM
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