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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

chicago white sox shorts

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  • chanduv23
    09-13 02:20 PM
    Tuesdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - hurray we are all going to DCCCCCCCCC

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  • cel_tic
    08-16 04:15 PM
    Thanks deepimpact.

    Appreciate your quick response. I checked with my travel agent and he said transit visa is not required for Germany. But I am getting different response from some others. By any chance do you know if the procedure still holds good.


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  • Blog Feeds
    09-07 07:00 PM
    Indian Government sources had said that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security had contacted the ministry of external affairs (MEA), India around the time Mr Pacheco was incarcerated for his alleged involvement in the mysterious death of his girlfriend Nadia Torrado � he was in jail from July 9 till July 26, when he was awarded bail. He is a former Goa, India tourism minister Francisco Xavier �Mickky� Pacheco was caught on the backfoot on Sunday once again as reports surfaced that the US State Department�s Bureau of Diplomatic Security had informed India that Mr Pacheco might be involved in a big immigration and money laundering racket.

    Mr Pacheco used to operate an employment agency along with his estranged wife Sara Pacheco which specialized in finding employment for Goans abroad. But according to the former minister, he has had nothing to do with the agency since he separated from his wife around four years back.

    Mr. Mickey Pacheco has been accused by the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security of running an international immigration and money-laundering racket. The bureau got in touch with the external affairs ministry through the US embassy in Delhi and reportedly backed its allegations with documents and details of banking transactions. The ministry then passed on the information to the CBI. The evidence is being described as substantive. According to the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security report, Pacheco had 15 million dollars in his account in the US. He recently transferred 2 million dollars to India.

    More... (

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  • kshitijnt
    05-03 08:39 PM
    First of all you are on OPT and your status has not yet changed to H1. It will change to H1 in October.

    Your company can cancel H1 with or without your knowledge.

    Your new employer can transfer your H1 provided you have the receipt number EAC or WAC number.

    If I were you, I would first get the receipt number from your employer and then join the new company on OPT. Also if things do not work out this way, you still join the new company as you are eligible for 17 months OPT extension, you can still qualify for next years H1.

    Best strategy is to use as much time on OPT as possible because in that case you dont have to pay social security and medicare taxes.


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  • pn11
    01-20 02:27 PM

    Currently i am in US on h4 visa and had been looking for H4-H1 transfer.
    I searched for job for almost 1 yr and i received an offer from A earlier but now i got a better offer from B.
    I chose to apply for both the companies. Both employer are filing for my H1 b.

    My question is
    1. Are there chances that my visa will get rejected because of multiple application?
    2. In case i get visa for both the employer what are the consequences as i am willing to work with B.
    3. Do i have to pay anything to A?


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  • ziggy7bs
    03-26 11:31 AM

    My Company applied PERM in Sept'07 at Chicago. Till now company hasn't heard back yet and now employer is planning to file one more PERM appl. through different Lawyer. Can we file one more application without hearing/know the first case status?

    Appreciate the reply.


    you should not file another perm appl unless it is different job duties. you lawyer should call dol. it takes min of 8 months for perm filed in 07.


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  • imconfused
    09-14 03:08 PM
    so that means, an H1 transfer is as good as having more than 1 H1?

    the H1 transfer is not valid until I start working for another emplyer, correct?

    thanks all..

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  • T-O
    04-11 04:44 AM
    I really like the font you used. :D


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  • man-woman-and-gc
    03-04 03:48 PM

    I am qualified in finance;started my career in finance & continued for 4 yrs. then switched over to SAP implementation ; for over 3 yrs now, i have been into SAP implementation projects. I have H1B approved for SAP work.
    Now, can I take up a job with a different title - say, "Finance Analyst" or "Corporate Finance"? I have been talking to various clients in California that are interested in offering me finance positions.

    You can, depends what you can give up for taking the finance job.
    You may have to give up your PD depending on your status of immigration.

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  • mrsr
    06-25 12:20 PM
    thank you all , most of the answer say same , but if anyone can confirm with attorney wit wud be great .



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  • sadshaq12
    11-18 04:03 PM
    Hi Gurus
    One question for you
    Can A2p the wages be pro rated ?

    if monthly wages for an employees is 1000 per month then it should be 12000 per year) company need to prove the ability to pay $12000 per year.

    but what if the LC was filed in mid year for example June 2005 and CIS RFE is asking to proof ability to pay (only One year) 2005
    can it been showed as June - december = 7 month and onwards

    $1000 x7= 7000
    is it good approch or no

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  • UKannan
    02-10 12:33 PM
    Does anyone know the Job Portals (besides dice, monster, careerbuilder etc) / News Papers where I can find jobs in NY/NJ locations?

    Appreciate the support!


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  • kondur_007
    05-20 06:31 PM
    Really appreciate the update paskal. I tried to look for this all over the internet but could not find it. So I posted it. I am not on J visa, however, many of my friends are.
    I would certainly join the physicians chapter and do what I can to to push provisions.

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  • sdrblr
    10-19 10:15 AM
    US is a sovereign country and Govt of India cannot say what to do and how to handle the immigration issues. Hell GOI cannot handle its own immigration issue on the eastern border :)

    More over the big Indian IT companies lose employees (read as revenue) if they lobby for GC.


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  • gauravster
    12-23 06:29 PM
    169000 prosecutions, from estimate 12 million illegals. Lets see, around 0.01% !!! And please note the headline "IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT THROUGH THE ROOF"
    Another biased article designed to garner support for illegal immigration while trying to lull others into thinking that there is a crack down against illegals!!!

    169000 out of estimated 12 million is actually more than 100 times what you show it as 0.01%. It is close to 1.4%.

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  • Rolling_Flood
    08-26 08:59 PM
    Are there people who are current now, who have no Priority Date mentioned on the I-485, EAD and AP receipts? (i.e. the PD box is blank)

    The priority date is shown on my I-140 receipt, but not on the aforementioned documents.

    Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Thanks much.


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  • ras
    12-23 01:39 AM
    I have two I -140's approved with one PD from end of 2005 and other end of 2006 both on EB2. I 485 is based based on 2nd one in 2006. So question is can I port 2005 pd to I 485 based on 2006?
    Some where I heard that you can only port the PD when your 2nd is application stage and is pending. but here it is applied and already approved. Is it a good case for Porting PD or interfiling?
    And by the way what is the difference between porting and interfiling?


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-10 10:00 AM
    The Department of Labor (DOL) issued new PERM FAQs ( on August 3, 2010. The issues addressed by DOL in this round of FAQs include expedite requests, how to document the use of an employee referral program, unsolicited documentation and what constitutes a "business day" for purposes of posting the Notice of Filing. Within the FAQs, DOL states the following:

    * Expedite Requests - DOL clarifies that the Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC), as a matter of long-standing policy, will not accept requests to expedite PERM applications;
    * Employee Referral Programs (ERP) - DOL states that an employer can document its use of an ERP with incentives by providing dated copies of its notices or memoranda advertising the program and specifying the incentives offered. The employer must document the existence of the ERP, and that its employees were aware of the vacancy of the specific position for which certification is being sought. This can be achieved through posting on the employer's website. However, the physical Notice of Filing shall not be sufficient for this purpose;
    * Unsolicited Documentation - DOL emphasizes that if unsolicited documentation is provided to the OFLC in support of a pending PERM application, then the application will automatically be placed in the audit queue;
    * Business Day - As part of the required recruitment procedures to support a PERM application, a Notice of Filing must be physically posted for 10 consecutive business days. The OFLC clarifies that for purposes of the Notice of Filing, a business day will be defined as Monday through Friday, except for Federal holidays.

    If you need support with your PERM case, feel free to email me. (

    More... (

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  • fall1998
    05-17 09:12 PM
    Is everyone getting approval without case being transferred to other service centers?

    05-28 02:33 PM

    Would greatly appreciate your response for following quick inquires;

    Q.#11 Dates ... is this the date I signed the I-765 application, or lawyer signed, or the date we mailed or the date USCIS recieved the application?:confused:

    Q. #15 Current Immigration Status ... I researched on this forum and concur with those who say AOS.:)

    Q.#16 Eligibility under 8 CFR 274a.12 ... Selected (c)(9)(). I filed during July-07 under EB2 category. Also this is what was mentioned on my original I-765 application that had been approved last year.:rolleyes:

    05-26 04:22 PM
    Same TSC...

    I applied on May 5th no FP notice yet, do you think I should call USCIS.

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