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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • jonty_11
    06-14 03:23 PM
    As my attorney informed us of the dates being current - they are asking for this:

    Please advise on the status of removing the residency requirement
    since you can't proceed with until this is done.

    what does this mean?

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  • jcrajput
    07-17 04:39 PM
    Sorry I can not answer your question. But I have one question for you see if you can help me.
    You said that by AUG 2008 bulletin, your dates are current.. Which date we should refer to? Date from I-140 or date from I-485?
    Can u pls help?


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  • ivar
    03-02 09:08 PM
    Looks like there is a huge backlog of perm applications. I am not sure if they will look at your application anytime soon. If your application is pending more than a year at least you could apply for extension of H1.

    It will be delusional on our part to think that perm applications will have an easy approvals.

    Stuggling to get a PERM approval since JUN 07. For a moment if i just forget about this PERM, What are the chances that my H1b Extension will be approved without any problem? My situation is I have completed 5 years and 4 months on H1b. My visa expires Mar 2010 and my 6 yrs term expires in NOV 2010, out of USA stay of only one month. I switched only one employer after coming to US. With the new employer since Mar 07. Will there be any problem with H1b Extension till OCT 2010


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  • quizzer
    11-04 01:10 PM
    what was ur I140 category and service center?

    what does the status show on and the last updated date (LUD)?



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  • mrdelhiite
    07-23 11:10 AM
    any suggestions ?

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  • JunRN
    09-18 12:33 AM


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  • sertasheep
    06-17 12:58 PM
    NJ Members who are in the process of filing I-140s after May 2007, please write to sertasheep AT (replace AT with @) with details, and a phone contact number, with the subject line "NJ member, filing I-140 after May 2007"

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  • meridiani.planum
    09-21 11:00 PM
    Hello all,

    For past few months I hear some noice on the web that USCIS may be changing its policy soon by discontinuing Concurrent filing and allowing people to file I485 If I140 is approved irrespetive of visa number availability. How far this is true, have any body got more details on this ?? :confused:

    there was a proposal a while ago to stop allowing concurrent filing, but I have only heard about filing of 485 without an I-140 from people who wish for that, nothing from USCIS.
    Something like that requires a change in the law, its not a matter of USCIS policy


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  • texcan
    09-04 04:48 PM

    I sent my 485/ead/ap filing fee as one cashiers check.

    This Cashiers check was created in end of June 2007 ( generaly validity till Sept 07 (90 days). Application was mailed in end of July by Attorney.

    Now based on general application process, i am worried about my cashiers check being invalid before USCIS cashes the check and they may cancel the application.

    Has anyone else had such an issue, & what is solution to this problem.

    Please suggest.

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  • add78
    04-22 03:31 PM
    any thoughts on this please??


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  • designserve
    09-04 07:48 PM

    I had a visa from Company A till Oct1 2008 and I 94 till that date.I changed to Company B and was given a new I 94 till June 2009.I made a trip to Canada and got a different I 94 again till Oct 1st 2008 based on the old stamped visa.I didnot get my passport restamped during the trip.

    Which I 94 is valid?
    Am I overstaying If I stay after Oct 1st?
    I have an appointment in Halifax on 16th Oct,Will the Halifax consulate revalidate it?(I have changed companies here)
    If I dont want to travel,Can I apply for H1B renewal now?(There is a rule to apply a min of 6 months before expiry)

    Please help with answers.

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  • nk2006
    07-02 11:51 AM
    ATA conf is a popular event among South Indian (Telugu) immigrants - this year their meeting is in NJ. During this even they seems to have an immigration forum with Attorney Murthy - details are below. If enough IV members are attending - it will be a good idea to have an informal meeting among ourselves. I am also trying to contact organizers to see if they will be OK to announce about IV and our activities - some of us can volunteer to talk to anyone interested to talk more or involve in IV's acitivities.

    Announcement from ATA follows:
    NRI Committee of American Telugu Association (ATA) is inviting attendees and all Telugu people to take advantage of the Immigration Forum that is expanded to cover over three hours with several practicing attorneys lead by Smt. Sheela Murthy, popular immigration attorney

    The Immigration forum will be held on 4th of July in the afternoon from 1:30 PM to 5 PM at the Penn Hilton Hotel, Garden State Ballroom.

    The forum is expected to provide guidance to "Immigration questions" related to various professions such as IT/Software, Medical and Family based issues. The forum in addition also focuses on Excessive Delays in Processing. Participants can have many technical and general questions answered first hand from the attorneys with several years of experience in these matters.

    Please mark your calendar for July 4th at 1:30 PM and check the schedule from ATA Convention site by going to www.ataworld. org/2008.


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  • payal_nag
    02-26 06:03 PM
    Thank you for the response. I correct myself, I shouldn't say Visa. I mean Approval Notice. With the approval notice in hand which is effective May 2007, can I switch employers before that and get a transfer of H1 for the 3 years based on that or will I have to wait till May? Thanks!

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  • obviously
    06-29 12:36 PM
    What does this topic have to do with the interests of this community? It would be helpful to stay focussed and on point, failing which folks might stop coming here due to the level of noise and distraction in the forums.

    Admins - please consider.

    Thanks, O
    P.S. Choose to flame me in response, it will be duly and dutifuly ignored :)


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  • suttu
    08-01 01:31 PM
    My employer has asked me to take care of our office in India. I am on H1B that will expire in 2011. We have decided for me to spend 2 months in India and one month in US. The plan is to reenter US on H1B since it will still be valid.
    I also have a pending 485 and i am going to let my EAD and AP timeout and stick to H1B.

    Now, the question is: will this be a problem? Is there a limitation on how long an H1B holder stay outside the US while continuing to maintain status?

    I am going to be travelling back to India soon but have already spent more than 5 months in india this year (onver three trips) and am wondering if there will be a problem when i come back in november.

    I cant find anything on the net no this.

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  • ABC of GC
    04-03 01:50 PM
    Thank you,


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  • msp1976
    03-08 02:23 PM
    One of my H1B friends went to Frankfurt for some work and expired US visa...The Germans gave him visa because the client is a very large bank in Germany..
    I remember that to get the H1B restamped he went to Delhi after he was done in Frankfurt...

    If your client in France is big enough and gives you a letter....most likely French would give you visa....They would ask for detailed itenerary...

    Please contribute to IV...

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  • bombaysardar
    07-09 08:17 PM
    How about this idea?

    We need to run this past by IV core team

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  • JunRN
    10-05 04:54 AM
    YES! EAD is your license to work for any company, even for those not sponsoring you. It doesn't matter if your i140 is approved or not, you can work with EAD and that is legal.

    09-11 12:13 PM
    pls someone respond, who has a clear understanding on this query. I would like to hear to an Attorney's view.

    06-18 02:31 PM
    Caution for all employees working for illegal employers, who support phoney payroll disbursements back to the people, fund tax payments.

    Indians held in U.S.; immigration racket busted

    Washington: With the arrest of seven Indians, U.S. authorities have claimed to have busted an immigration racket run by an information technology company owner who charged tens of thousands of dollars from expatriates by fraudulently sponsoring their H-1B work visas.

    Nilesh Dasondi, 41, was arrested last week on multiple counts of visa fraud involving Cygate Software and Consulting Inc. which run offices in India and Canada.

    A naturalised U.S. citizen, Dasondi, also a member of the Edison township board in New Jersey, was released after posting a $8,00,000 bail but he must remain under home confinement with electronic monitoring.

    According to court papers cited in Newsday daily, Dasondi is accused of filing federal work visa and immigration documents for six people who did not work for his company between 2003 and 2007, the authorities said.

    All the six have been arrested. In exchange, they made payments of more than $8,50,000.

    The money was used to support phoney payroll disbursements back to the people, fund tax payments and, in some cases, pay for health insurance, authorities said. Dasondi, however, kept for himself the remainder of the cash after the so-called �running the payroll� scheme. Three bank accounts in the name of Cygate were seized. A fourth account in the name of another company Dasondi controlled was also frozen.

    Among those arrested were Kishor Parikh (42), Devang Patel (31) and Chetan Trivedi (40). � PTI

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