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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • roseball
    10-27 08:43 PM
    Sure, you can apply for a new H1 petition with another employer..But do make sure to include the copy of H1 receipt from your pending H1 with a letter quoting you being in status based on the pending H1 petition...If you don't, there are chance that you might get the H1 approved without an I-94 attached as your current I-94 has already expired. In this case, you will have to leave the country, get the H1 stamped and re-enter US before being able to start work with the new employer...Btw, there is nothing like transfering a H1, thats just the term commonly used...Each petition is independent..

    I would also make sure to address the issues from the current RFE so that another RFE is not received for the new petition.


    My H1 and I-94 and My Wife's H4 and I94 expired on Sep 30th 2008 and applied for extension on July 7th 2008 with Company A. But Company A received an RFE on H1 extension,

    At this movement I have a good offer from company B , can I transfer H1 using Receipt of H1 extension?

    I appreciate your input


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-16 01:36 AM
    yeah nice job man!

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  • gsc999
    04-03 01:33 AM

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  • martinvisalaw
    02-18 04:23 PM
    My report of the call is here: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: CIS teleconference today on recent H-1B memo (


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  • dc2007
    03-25 11:29 AM
    Hi All,

    I got my EAD in Oct. I-140 is approved and I-485 is pending in EB2. My wife has got SSN on her EAD, my daughter is still on H4.

    I am working on H1B with the same employer who processed my H1. Now, I got a new Job and I still have 3+ years years left in 6 years duration of H1 period.

    My question is:

    1. Can I transfer my H1 to new employer, without affecting my GC process ? I have good relation with my employer and they can hire me back if I want any time later.

    2. As 180 days have passed, I can work on EAD also with new employer. Which is better option - working on H1 with 3+ years remaining in H1 or working on EAD ? Money is not an issue here as my new employer will take care of that.

    3. My daughter is still on H4 but my wife has used her EAD. Once I transfer H1 to new company, what things should I care of, like:
    (a) I have to transfer H4 for my daughter also ?
    (b) What about H4 of my wife ? - She has valid H4 stamped on passport and took SSN also based upon EAD.


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  • phxhyd
    09-30 01:44 AM
    I�m working for company A and company B has sponsored my GC as future employee and also did a H1 transfer from A but got a big RFE. Now company C is ready to do H1 transfer. Is it a good idea to do so or would get into problems as GC is in process through B? We did I-140 & I-485 concurrent filing and got our EAD�s approved but I-140 is still in pending status. I heard that using EAD is not a good idea when I-140 is pending.
    My Attorney is sending a response to RFE but I�m not sure whether it gets approved or not. What happens if B transfer gets approved and would choose to work with B and not use C at all (if it gets approved)?
    In the other way, If C gets approved and choose to work with them as the H1 with A expires pretty soon (got to move out) can I comeback to B with a fresh (another) H1 transfer. Please suggest what is the best to do at this time?


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  • cox
    September 24th, 2005, 05:34 PM
    I agree with Chris, nice work :)

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  • aquagirl
    07-12 01:08 PM
    My employer had sent my H-1 application in May first week, but he didn't even receive the EAC number till last week. So, he re-filed my H-1, this time by premium processing and its been a week, and still no EAC number. Is anyone having the same delays as me? If so, is there any way to contact someone or get the status of my application? Looking for an urgent response. Thanks,


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  • ksairi
    08-15 11:21 AM
    I do not have receipt yet.

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  • mrane1
    10-15 05:55 AM
    You should get your EAD after FP

    Not true... FP depends on your local office... If they are backlogged then your FP is delayed.. So if you are from BA/NY/NJ your FP will be delayed... As far as EAD is concerned you just have to wait... Its very unpredicatible... I got my EAD 1 month AFTER I got my gc! go figure!! My wife received hers last week.. BTW I am a early June filer


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  • rajenk
    07-22 01:29 PM
    The old I-140 is all valid. The only thing that you are taking is the date. When your new I-140 is approved and you interfile with I-485 then you request USCIS to take the new I-140 instead of the old one. Also if your new I-140 has problem at that stage (even after approval, some time it happens), still the old I-140 is valid.

    Good luck

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  • ps57002
    03-02 11:22 AM
    anyone know????


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  • azambhatti
    01-27 09:26 PM
    Hello all,
    I am a student on an I20/M1 vis
    I have just recieved a new I20, and sent a form I 539 for extension of my I20.
    I have my old I94, I20 etc.
    It is currently under processing.
    First, is there any way they can move it to another processing center? Its in the vermont center right now, and they are still processing documents from May 2008 according to CIS website.
    Second, my original I94 is valid till 14 April 2009 but my original I20 is expired.
    My visa is 5 years(M1 valid to 2013)
    Can I go and visit my home country with the old I94(since its valid long enough) and new I20(which just got issued)??
    or do I need to wait until the processing comes through?
    thanks in advance.

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  • sertasheep
    03-25 11:30 AM
    If the exec is laid off, the dependent cannot continue working.
    All beneficiaries of the petition must leave the US immediately.
    I don't think there is any regulation that the employer needs to pay for relocation, but usually, they will provide you a one-way ticket back to your homecountry, but that will be the least of your worries.

    Avoid working on L2 if you think the L1 sponsoring company is not trust-worthy or stable.

    An L-1 work visa is issued to an executive of a company that has worked with his/her company outside of the USA for at least one year. Dependents receive L-2 visas and a spouse can apply for an EAD. Trouble is, if the exec is laid off, all of the dependant visas immediately expire and both the exec and his/her spouse must leave the USA!

    Any ideas how to alleviate this issue? Getting a H1B visa is impractical since they are so scarce.

    Also in this case, is the exec's employer liable for relocation expenses?


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  • ivgclive
    03-03 04:48 PM
    Murthy article at:
    MurthyDotCom : Temporary Government Shutdown: How Immigration Might be Affected (

    the LCA part is most important.

    The shutdown has been delayed till March 18th, as per latest.

    Very nice to hear that there is one more way available to kill immigrants !

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  • martinvisalaw
    02-09 10:02 AM
    1. Can a new employer apply for H1B extension based on my I-140 approval even though I am not in USA.? My I-140 has not been revoked or cancelled.

    Yes, this should be possible assuming your priority date is still backlogged. If not, you can at least get the unused part of your 6 years.

    2.Can I claim the remaining time on my H1B approval(based on I-140) with company XYZ ? I have copy of the H1B approval but not sure if it has been revoked.

    I think I just answered this above.


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  • cox
    April 10th, 2005, 09:42 AM
    Most of us with English as our native tongue are spoiled and speak no other language well. And, as Fred says, some of us don't do well with English either...

    The mountains are nice, though, since both the foreground hill and background hill are the same apparent height, it does not have as much impact as it could have.

    The gull shot is sharp, but will appeal to people more if you get them traveling basically toward the camera, rather than away from the camera as is the case here. I have also found that I like to have some space in front of an animal/bird/fish so it looks like they are going somewhere.

    Just my opinion. The most important thing, of course, is that you like them :)

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  • dassumi
    11-08 12:22 PM
    Reminded me of an incident when I was a teenager, a budding cricketer and was a huge fan of Nike sports shoes. I would see these uncles with big paunches wearing Nike and would think that the world is unfair that people like me don't get to wear Nike while random uncles do. Completely random thought!!!!

    The point being - the situation we are in, we hope that our plight should be a discussion point in every conversation that India and US ensue in. It crossed my mind a couple of times that we should have pushed for it. State of mind I guess.

    Do you think anyone will even mention (hopefully get solutions) the eb backlogs to the President when he is touring India? Do you think anything good might come out of it for us?

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  • kewlchap
    03-16 10:13 PM

    If an employer withdraws an approved I-140, is it enough to show a future offer of employment letter to keep your 485 alive?

    My particular case: I have an approved I-140, with pending 485 (EAD/AP approved) (6 months have elapsed). I want to quit my job and go back to school this August, but want to keep 485 alive (primarily because my 6 years on H1 are up). I can easily get a letter from an employer saying that they will employ me once my GC is approved (and I can join them when GC comes through). However, my current employer says that they will withdraw 140 (routine procedure).

    1. Can I study on EAD/parolee status?
    2. Do I need to inform USCIS of invoking AC21 since my employer will withdraw my 140?
    3. Can I claim that I am waiting for my GC to be approved to join my future employer, and in the mean time, I am studying full time to improve my skills?
    4. Should I try to maintain my H1 status during school (by working part time etc.)?
    5. Does my future employer need to file an I140?
    6. What should I ask my current employer to provide? Eg: copy of 140, Employment verification letter etc.

    Please provide your insights. There might have been previous discussions on this topic. If so, please point me to them and my apologies in advance for re-posting.

    Will appreciate any suggestions / comments. I am stuck with the dilemma of continuing to work or going back to school.


    EB2, India, PD May 2004, Primary filer.

    08-21 12:01 AM
    C'mon bloggers where are you? This is your moment to rise and shine, to prove that blogging can be as effective, if not more, than the conventional media.

    We've got to have some passionate bloggers on this forum!!! Please PM me with your email id if you want to join the group of IV bloggers.

    03-27 03:13 PM
    You would send the needed paperwork and she will appear for her visa. You wouldnt need to be along with her unless you are already out of US and has a expired visa.

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