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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • Aishusiva
    02-12 03:39 PM

    I Lost my I797A (but having photo copy) . I want to go to my Home country on emergency for 2 weeks and return to US.

    Will I get visa stamping with

    1. Copy of I797A and Employee's related documents ?
    2. Copy of I797A and Employee's related documents + Proof of Duplication Request ?
    3. Whether Duplication form (I-824) Should be separately filed for L1 & L2 ?

    Please guide me Immediately.

    Thanks in Advanced

    Aishwarya Sivaraj

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  • HarshJ
    03-17 05:26 PM

    I have a pending I-140 (RD March 12, 2007) and I-485 (PD Sept 2001, India EB-3, Current in April 2008).

    My wife and I, currently have EADs. My wife has been offered a job and they need a Green Card when she joins in May 2008.

    Is there a way to expedite the processing of I-140 and I-485, so that we do get our Green Cards in next month or so?

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  • sundar99
    02-18 10:58 AM s

    24-Hour Schedule for: 2/18/2006
    Date Pacific
    Time* Programs:
    Click links for descriptions or show all.
    2/18/2006 12:00 AM U.S. Immigration Reform: Can The System Be Repaired?

    S. Immigration Reform: Can The System Be Repaired?

    Marc Rosenblum, an International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, gives a riveting presentation on the problems he sees with current attempts to reform immigration laws and offers potential solutions that he believes will lead to a more just and effective immigration system. This talk is sponsored by the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies and the Institute for International, Comparative and Area Studies at UC San Diego and California Western School of Law.

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  • PirahnaTM
    03-25 01:59 AM


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-16 07:40 AM
    Opponents of comprehensive immigration reform often point to the 1986 legalization bill as a great failure that should not be repeated. What they don't want to talk about are the great number of success stories for people who were able to become legal. One story that is making the news 25 years later is that of Ana Hernandez Luna who gave an extraordinary speech on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives where she told her own story of her life as a young undocumented immigrant in the 1980s. The Texas Observer reported on her remarks: Tuesday, after it...

    More... (

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  • aravi
    01-23 11:24 AM
    Hello -

    Can anyone suggest if there is a way to check the priority date on a I-485 application after an interfile request has been made? I am not sure if a call to the Service Center is the only way, or if there is a form I can submit requesting this information.

    The context of my question is this: My original I-485 application was filed based on a LC/I-140 approved by PERM with PD May 2005. But later, as part of backlog elimination, an older LC for me with PD Aug 2004 was cleared and my company's immigration law firm got another I-140 approved based on this earlier LC. They've told me that they contacted USCIS with a request to get my I-485 attached to the older PD. I would like to get this confirmed since a 9 month gap in PDs can easily translate to years more of waiting time.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help out or suggest if I should be doing anything different with getting the PD of my I-485 changed.


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  • Macaca
    02-19 01:35 PM
    Some paras from Almost Everyone Lies, Often Seeing It as a Kindness (

    The perjury trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby goes to the jury this week. The case speaks to several issues -- how the Bush administration deals with critics of the war in Iraq, and the games that Washington's reporters and politicians play with each other. As far as the jury is concerned, however, the case is about only one thing: lying.

    One particularly well-qualified witness on this subject was not called by either the prosecution or the defense, so today we cross-examine Robert Feldman ourselves. Feldman is a social psychologist at the University of Massachusetts who studies lying in everyday life, and his findings are just the kind of thing that Libby's lawyers could have pounced on.

    Feldman's experiments show that stern-faced judicial proceedings about perjury are as remote from the realities of human behavior as President Bush is from the Nobel Peace Prize. For one thing, lying plays a more complex role in human relationships than the black-and-white legal view recognizes. It is also so commonplace in everyday life that putting people on trial for lying is somewhat like putting them on trial for breathing.

    Experiments have found that ordinary people tell about two lies every 10 minutes, with some people getting in as many as a dozen falsehoods in that period. More interestingly -- and Libby might see this as the silver lining if he is found guilty -- Feldman also found that liars tend to be more popular than honest people. (Ever notice how popular politicians somehow change their minds on controversial issues such as the war in Iraq at the exact moment that public opinion on those issues changes?)

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  • veerkar
    04-13 01:41 PM
    it would be in minus.....

    GC approvals are getting lesser & lesser...

    Spillover is minus? How's that possible - genius? So - are they revoking GCs already issued?


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  • vicente
    10-11 09:08 PM
    Good question. I'm not sure if the two-year home residency requirement applies to tourist visas.

    But if your J-1 program isn't subject to the two year residency requirement, I don't see why there would be a problem.

    Warning: I am not a lawyer.

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  • fall2004us
    09-29 06:49 PM
    Very recently our company advertised for a position, this was for one of my co workers from China, company received over 200 resumes, I heard that the new rule is to reply to all the resumes and tell them why they dont qualify etc..

    Our new company policy: No more employment based green cards for another 3 years :D


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  • ramaonline
    02-21 06:05 PM
    listing on Caljobs site shld be ok for california

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  • Jeff Wheeler
    04-01 12:51 AM
    Wantza meat in Sanz Toni'?


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  • NandanIn
    09-24 06:00 PM

    I'm working on H1-B visa since last 6 months.
    My wife is joining me on H4 visa and her H4 is approved till July'2010.

    I have switched my Employer in the first month as I arrived USA and my New Employer filed my H1-B Transfer petion as regular, but still my case is in pending. But my wife's ticket is confirmed on 7th of October and she is coming to US on OCT 7th.

    Two day's back my employer changed my case from Regular to Premium.

    My question is that what will happen to my wife case..?? Does she need to re-apply for her H4 visa once my H1-B gets approve..?? Can she come to US with her previous stamp..??

    Thanks in advance..

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  • roseball
    01-31 12:46 AM
    Hello Seniors,
    Can you please let me know what is the process to open an already approved case in USCIS? Is it possible ?

    Your help really vital for me.

    Thanks a lot

    You can file a I-824 application.


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  • spicy_guy
    06-22 04:17 PM
    Proposed immigration measure stirs up Nebraska city - (

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  • Blog Feeds
    02-05 06:40 PM
    The final season of ABC's Lost begins tonight wrapping up the groundbreaking science fiction drama that is truly addictive and has one of the most complex plots ever devised for television. The show also has an international cast that American's have rarely seen and which makes the show even more appealing. Here are some of the immigrants that have played important roles in the show over the last six years - Naveen Andrews - UK - Sayid Jarrah Daniel Dae Kim - South Korean - Jin Kwon Yunkim Kim - South Korea - Sun Kwon Evangeline Lilly - Canada -...

    More... (


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  • Foster2007
    07-08 10:51 PM

    Over the past few days we have been successful in getting good media attention BUT except for NYT, the coverage has not focused on the issues that are relevant and will draw the attention of the policymakers. I think the media drive should focus on getting the following issues highlighted:

    1. Lapse in protocol when issuing green cards
    a) Green cards issued WITHOUT security clearence
    b) Green cards issued to those whose PD was NOT current in June

    2. Obvious intent to NOT accept applications in July so that they can receive the same with a higher fee in the future. This at the cost of making a mockery of hundreds of thousand of hopeful legal immigrants

    I think the media drive should focus and highlight the above and other key issues rather than merely reporting on the sequence of events. Please share your thoughts and add to the list above

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  • gps001
    06-16 02:52 PM
    I am working for a company who filed for my GC.

    I-140 approved 18 months back
    I-485 "applied and pending" 12 months back
    EAD in hand from about 10 months.

    If I move to a company with the exact same job description,
    a) Whom do I need to inform, with regards to , AC21 portability clause
    b) Who will check if the job is in the exact (same/similar) field

    c)Possibility that there will be RFE after I-485?
    d)What if the GC sponsoring company is not helpful after I move to a different company. How is this going to affect?

    I need to weigh in the costs associated with countering a RFE and the increased salary due to job change.

    Let me know your opinion.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-21 08:30 AM
    I am a strong supporter of Comprehensive Immigraton Reform (CIR). I have been on both sides of the fence. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was an attorney for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I spent a couple of years representing the government in deportation proceedings, often conducted in Federal prisons. Are there people in the U.S. who should be deported? Absolutely! I have no regrets. But even while serving as an INS Attorney, I fully realized that the man that I deported on Friday afternoon would be back in the U.S., working at his job to feed...

    More... (

    01-27 06:16 PM

    I was working for Company A with whom I've my H1 & I-94 valid until Aug 2010. But I was laid off from Company A in Dec 1st week and I found a new job with Company B in Jan 3rd week. So I was out of status for about 6 weeks time.

    Now Company B don't wish to file a transfer but instead they are filing something called H1 "Loose Petition", obviously I'm not going to start work with Company B until this H1 gets approved and I travel out of US, get restamped based on my New H1 petition, come back to US and start work for Company B.

    But my question is, while from today until this so called "Loose Petition" H1 is getting processed (since they applied premium it would take about 2-3 weeks) can I legally stay in US (in terms of I-94 I've my I-94 from Company A H1 which is valid until Aug 2010)?

    My employer suggest that I stay here until H1 processing result comes out and then leave country get restamped. Please let me know if you have an Answer.

    07-18 11:02 AM
    In my company along with me 4 other folks also affected due to visa bulletin mess. I sent them an email on July 9th 2007 about flower campaign organized by IV to USCIS director. The sad part is no body showed any interest and did not bother to reply. They are also going to benefited by this decision. These people still beleive in Murthy and other lawyer firm updates. I really don't know how to make these folks interested in IV. Any ideas or other personal stories.

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