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Monday, June 27, 2011

hairstyles autumn 2008

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    04-11 03:40 PM
    This is the latest update as of Tuesday, April 6, 2010, Vermont Service Center, as of close of business on Monday, April 5, 2010, VSC had received a total of 9,525 cap-subject H-1B petitions. Of those petitions, 6,791 were "regular" cap, and 2,734 were advanced degree. All cases received before April 7, 2010, will have an April 7, 2010 receipt date. Those received on April 7, 2010 or later will bear the actual receipt date. For those submitted for Premium Processing, the clock will start on April 7, 2010. We will update once we have the California Service Center Numbers.

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  • sujit_help
    02-01 01:16 PM
    My PERM was filed in Dec, 2006 and was denied on April, 2007. As per my employer's lawyer it was erroneously denied by DOL. The lawer has received the denial letter but no reason was stated. He was keep on follwing up with DOL but no answers. On Aug 2007, lawyer was followed up again directly with the DOL office in Atlanta , with the liaison at the American Immigration Lawyer's Association and also it was sent to the congressional office. Through Senetor we came to know that there was typo in the date field. The lawer is persuing to get the denal letter again with reason so that we can appeal. But we have 10% chance to get the another deial letter. Now lawer is asking for filling a new PERM. In between I lost 8 months and now I'm running out time. My 6th year is expiring on Sept08. Just incase if we din't get denial letter and file the new PERM on Mrach can we get the 7th year extension ? (We will show all the documents etc for previos denail case and there was no reason in denail letter. PLEASE HELP

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  • ajaz
    07-25 04:19 PM
    My ND is july-12-2007
    I am yet to receive by FP,

    How will I come to know my FP appointment date, my attorney is not cooperating, please help.. :D

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  • Macaca
    12-02 09:18 AM
    Business Lobby Presses Agenda Before �08 Vote ( By ROBERT PEAR | NY Times, December 2, 2007

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 � Business lobbyists, nervously anticipating Democratic gains in next year�s elections, are racing to secure final approval for a wide range of health, safety, labor and economic rules, in the belief that they can get better deals from the Bush administration than from its successor.

    Hoping to lock in policies backed by a pro-business administration, poultry farmers are seeking an exemption for the smelly fumes produced by tons of chicken manure. Businesses are lobbying the Bush administration to roll back rules that let employees take time off for family needs and medical problems. And electric power companies are pushing the government to relax pollution-control requirements.

    �There�s a growing sense, a growing probability, that the next administration could be Democratic,� said Craig L. Fuller, executive vice president of Apco Worldwide, a lobbying and public relations firm, who was a White House official in the Reagan administration. �Corporate executives, trade associations and lobbying firms have begun to recalibrate their strategies.�

    The Federal Register typically grows fat with regulations churned out in the final weeks of any administration. But the push for such rules has become unusually intense because of the possibility that Democrats in 2009 may consolidate control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives for the first time in 14 years.

    Even as they try to shape pending regulations, business lobbies are also looking beyond President Bush. Corporations and trade associations are recruiting Democratic lobbyists. And lobbyists, expecting battles over taxes and health care in 2009, are pouring money into the campaigns of Democratic candidates for Congress and the White House.

    Randel K. Johnson, a vice president of the United States Chamber of Commerce, said, �I am beefing up my staff, putting more money aside for economic analysis of regulations that I foresee coming out of a possible new Democratic administration.�

    At the Transportation Department, trucking companies are trying to get final approval for a rule increasing the maximum number of hours commercial truck drivers can work. And automakers are trying to persuade officials to set new standards for the strength of car roofs � standards far less stringent than what consumer advocates say is needed to protect riders in a rollover.

    Business groups generally argue that federal regulations are onerous and needlessly add costs that are passed on to consumers, while their opponents accuse them of trying to whittle down regulations that are vital to safety and quality of life. Documents on file at several agencies show that business groups have stepped up lobbying in recent months, as they try to help the Bush administration finish work on rules that have been hotly debated and, in some cases, litigated for years.

    At the Interior Department, coal companies are lobbying for a regulation that would allow them to dump rock and dirt from mountaintop mining operations into nearby streams and valleys. It would be prohibitively expensive to haul away the material, they say, and there are no waste sites in the area. Luke Popovich, a vice president of the National Mining Association, said that a Democratic president was more likely to side with �the greens.�

    A coalition of environmental groups has condemned the proposed rule, saying it would accelerate �the destruction of mountains, forests and streams throughout Appalachia.�

    A priority for many employers in 2008 is to secure changes in the rules for family and medical leave. Under a 1993 law, people who work for a company with 50 or more employees are generally entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for newborn children or sick relatives or to tend to medical problems of their own. The Labor Department has signaled its interest in changes by soliciting public comments.

    The National Association of Manufacturers said the law had been widely abused and had caused �a staggering loss of work hours� as employees took unscheduled, intermittent time off for health conditions that could not be verified. The use of such leave time tends to rise sharply before holiday weekends, on the day after Super Bowl Sunday and on the first day of the local hunting season, employers said.

    Debra L. Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women and Families, an advocacy group, said she was �very concerned that the Bush administration will issue new rules that cut back on family and medical leave for those who need it.�

    That could be done, for example, by narrowing the definition of a �serious health condition� or by establishing stricter requirements for taking intermittent leave for chronic conditions that flare up unexpectedly.

    The Chamber of Commerce is seeking such changes. �We want to get this done before the election,� Mr. Johnson said. �The next White House may be less hospitable to our position.�

    Indeed, most of the Democratic candidates for president have offered proposals to expand the 1993 law, to provide paid leave and to cover millions of additional workers. Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut was a principal author of the law. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York says it has been �enormously successful.� And Senator Barack Obama of Illinois says that more generous family leave is an essential part of his plan to �reclaim the American dream.�

    Susan E. Dudley, administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, said, �Research suggests that regulatory activity increases in the final year of an administration, regardless of party.�

    Whoever becomes the next president, Democrat or Republican, will find that it is not so easy to make immediate and sweeping changes. The Supreme Court has held that a new president cannot arbitrarily revoke final regulations that already have the force of law. To undo such rules, a new administration must provide a compelling justification and go through a formal rule-making process, which can take months or years.

    Within hours of taking office in 2001, Mr. Bush slammed the brakes on scores of regulations issued just before he took office, so his administration could review them. A study in the Wake Forest Law Review found that one-fifth of those �midnight regulations� were amended or repealed by the Bush administration, while four-fifths survived.

    Some of the biggest battles now involve rules affecting the quality of air, water and soil.

    The National Chicken Council and the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association have petitioned for an exemption from laws and rules that require them to report emissions of ammonia exceeding 100 pounds a day. They argue that �emissions from poultry houses pose little or no risk to public health� because the ammonia disperses quickly in the air.

    Perdue Farms, one of the nation�s largest poultry producers, said that it was �essentially impossible to provide an accurate estimate of any ammonia releases,� and that a reporting requirement would place �an undue and useless burden� on farmers.

    But environmental groups told the Bush administration that �ammonia emissions from poultry operations pose great risk to public health.� And, they noted, a federal judge in Kentucky has found that farmers discharge ammonia from their barns, into the environment, so it will not sicken or kill the chickens.

    On another issue, the Environmental Protection Agency is drafting final rules that would allow utility companies to modify coal-fired power plants and increase their emissions without installing new pollution-control equipment.

    The Edison Electric Institute, the lobby for power companies, said the companies needed regulatory relief to meet the growing demand for �safe, reliable and affordable electricity.�

    But John D. Walke, director of the clean air program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, said the rules would be �the Bush administration�s parting gift to the utility industry.�

    If Democrats gain seats in Congress or win the White House, that could pose problems for all-Republican lobbying firms like Barbour, Griffith & Rogers, whose founders include Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    Loren Monroe, chief operating officer of the Barbour firm, said: �If the right person came along, we might hire a Democrat. And it�s quite possible we could team up in an alliance with a Democratic firm.�

    Two executive recruiters, Ivan H. Adler of the McCormick Group and Nels B. Olson of Korn/Ferry International, said they had seen a growing demand for Democratic lobbyists. �It�s a bull market for Democrats, especially those who have worked for the Congressional leadership� or a powerful committee, Mr. Adler said.

    Few industries have more cause for concern than drug companies, which have been a favorite target of Democrats. Republicans run the Washington offices of most major drug companies, and a former Republican House member, Billy Tauzin, is president of their trade association, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

    The association has hired three Democrats this year, so its lobbying team is split evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

    Loren B. Thompson, a military analyst at the Lexington Institute, a policy research organization, said: �Defense contractors have not only begun to prepare for the next administration. They have begun to shape it. They�ve met with Hillary Clinton and other candidates.�


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    12-10 09:30 AM
    The CBO report DREAM Act advocates have been touting reflects a net plus of $2.3 billion against the federal deficit. But that's the SENATE version that was analyzed. If the antis are right and 2,000,000 people will benefit from DREAM, the House version's new $2525 in filing fees will mean an additional $5 billion will be raised. Why, it would be fiscally irresponsible NOT to vote for DREAM!

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  • indianabacklog
    04-14 10:31 AM
    Your post raises so many questions it is hard to know where to start.

    The obvious one is if you do not have an employer, how have you got an H1B visa since it is the employer who petitions for it?

    Second thought, where are you right now? Still in your own country or the USA?

    In response to your question about a green card. If you are going to follow the employment based route, by definition, you are going to need an employer to get this process rolling. Starting with PERM labor certification.


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  • jasmin45
    08-08 12:19 PM
    Do anybody know when can we use AC21?

    6 months after I-485 filing or 6 months after I-485 receipt notice or 6 months after EAD

    6 months after the receipt date. Why create new thread for this question? there are several threads where you can find answers to these very questions.

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  • srinivasj
    07-07 01:38 PM
    Yes, you need to get the difference in fees. HDFC knows about this and will issue a new colored fee slip.

    Thanks they issue a new receipt number too..? or can I still use my old one just in case if dates open up...?


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  • natrajs
    08-16 03:41 PM
    Folks on Main Issues

    There is no way we can calculate the total application numbers until unless USCIS comes out with the Details

    Let us focus on how to make USCIS to speed up the process and increase number of visa's available

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    03-15 09:30 AM
    A few bright spots mixed in with a lot of not so much... Family 1st - Advancement of worldwide, China and India numbers by two weeks to 08 July 2004. Mexico moves forward two weeks to 15 October 1992. The Philippines moves up two months to 1 March 1994.Family 2A - Worldwide, India, China and the Philippines numbers advance two months to 01 June 2006. Mexico jumps six months to 01 January 2005. Family 2B - Worldwide, India and China numbers advances one month to 01 March 2002. Mexico is stalled at 15 June 1992. The Philippines advances three weeks...

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  • tnite
    03-12 10:26 AM
    LC was approved in 08-20-07 but I-140 was not filed within 180 days according to new rules. has any body have this problem? will DOL or USCIS let it slip. please help.
    Only your lawyer can help you. talk to him

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  • svr_76
    11-27 09:52 AM
    "The requirements was to build a system with good ROI;
    I hope ROI means Return OF Investments. !??? "


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  • dilbert_cal
    03-22 12:01 PM
    You just need your approved EB3 I-140 notice

    You need a copy of the approved EB3-140. Original is not required and you will not get it either. A copy should be available but depends on whether your employer/lawyer shares documents with you or not.

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  • nixstor
    09-30 09:38 AM
    Rescheduling will delay processing?? Can you please explain how reschedlunig is going to delay background check?


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  • Steve Mitchell
    September 12th, 2007, 07:24 AM
    Nikon has posted official sample pics from the soon to be released D3. Check them out here (

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    02-17 09:20 AM
    PBS launched a wonderful new series this evening entitled Faces of America which examines the family history of 12 notable figures in contemporary America. The figures profiled are diverse and include Dr. Mehmet Oz, Meryl Street, Kristi Yamaguchi, Malcolm Gladwell Stephen Colbert and Yo-Yo Ma. I was pleased to see Mike Nichols on the list. Nichols and his family fled Germany for the United States at the age of seven in 1939 just as the horrors of the Nazis were beginning to accelerate. He's always been a favorite of mine from his days as half of a comic duo with...

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  • GC4US
    03-23 12:20 AM
    Could someone tell me please.....I'm filling the application for advance parole the first time......what should I write where it is written: " Date of intended departure"...if I dont know exactly when I'm leaving....should I write a date or should I write " I dont know yet?"

    And also I read that the documents required are 2 photos, I-485 receipt notice, I-140 approval that right? or what other documents do I need?

    I would highly appreciate your help!
    Thnaks in advance!

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  • Pasquale
    04-01 12:30 AM
    Electric eyebrows on a baby would be hot!

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  • gkdgopi
    06-21 10:36 AM
    my visa , H1b expired, but have applied for H1b extension pending since Mar 2007, but i think as long as we are in legal status inside the country it should be fine - my 2 cents.

    11-03 08:52 AM
    Having a pending EB1 I-140 does not in itself confer any status. If you filed an I-485 concurrently, then you are permitted to remain in the US pending adjudication. If you have a currently valid H-1B you may remain or renew pending adjudication.

    Best Regards
    Helen Parsonage
    Immigration Attorney

    06-14 11:03 AM
    It would be very tough to get CP appointment before the end of July. So I am not even thinking of CP. Also CP needs to be approved when your PD is current.

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