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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • jv_01
    05-18 03:41 PM
    I am currently on h1b visa without a project from past 1 year in US and my employer asked me to convert to L2 visa dependent on my husband who is on L1 visa . I do not have any paystubs for my stamping. If I go to canada consulate for stamping, what is the success rate for my visa being approved?Will I be able to come back to US without any issues.Also, can you suggest me to which consulate should I go for my stamping?Please help!


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  • nashorn
    12-12 01:49 PM
    I dont think that holds true. If you follow you'll see they have been approving cases even in December for 2003 when the PD has been retrogressed to 2002 for December.
    The actural allocation of a visa # hapens after your 485 is approved. After he approves your case, the adjudicating officer will send the case to someone else to allocate the visa # for you. This will take days. That will explain what you've metioned here. Those cases were acturally approved in Nov. I bet you wouldn't see any more such case by late or even mid Dec.

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  • techysingh
    01-09 09:41 AM
    If new position is similar in responsibilities, then no effect. but if the responsibilities are changing, I would recommend talking to your immigration lawyer about it

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  • meridiani.planum
    11-03 01:31 AM

    Hello IVians,

    I am with company A on L1B in the US. Company B is processing my GC for future employment. Now my L1B is up for renewal in December. There is a lot of paperwork that my company has asked me work on. In one of the questionnaires, I am asked if my labor / 140 / 485 is pending. I don't know what to answer.

    -- The truth.

    Does any of the forms for L1B renewal needs this info? Will it be an issue if I say no? Does USCIS really care?

    -- if you lie and USCIS finds out then you are in big trouble. Also, existing applications can be looked up at any time (Eg: while adjudicating your 485 they can go over your old L1 application).
    Atleast the visa stamping form DS-156 asks if an immigrant visa petition has ever been filed for you, so its not uncommon, dont know about L1.

    Pls share your experiences.



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  • chanduv23
    09-16 01:34 AM
    If people are dreaming about jobs on EAD - they are in for s rude shock - they will realise what is in store for them

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  • anilsal
    01-29 12:48 PM
    the second charge of "false statement" to the officer is? That will look negatively on the character of the applicant.

    In general traffic citations are minor misdemeanours. Not sure about fishing. But the second charge IMO is a bit serious.


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  • Berkeleybee
    02-27 04:48 PM

    We know we have our largest membership in CA. Well over a hundred members. Yet there are only about 10 active members. And yes, these 10 are extraordinarily dynamic, but we need more. In particular we need more members in SoCal.

    Those of you who have already signed up as volunteers -- please attend the weekly call this Thursday at 9pm PST. Once you are on the call, please speak up, take the initiative and work on something.

    Respond to the weekly emails.

    - Convince at least one more person to become a member
    - Convince at least one more person to contribute
    - Post our flyers in your neighborhood or workplace
    - Come up with other ways to get the word out
    - Join a lawmaker team
    - Start a lawmaker team and make an appointment

    IV cannot run without your help and fervour.


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  • Sri_
    10-01 11:37 AM
    I think No. You can only work after you receive your EAD card and has atleast applied for SSN



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  • neeidd
    07-24 05:31 PM
    Thanks for sharing

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  • dreeft
    04-08 10:40 PM
    *runs through database*


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  • sledge_hammer
    07-01 10:52 AM

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  • akred
    07-05 12:41 PM
    Guess the news broke :). I am happy for all the employees on OPT who will be able to continue employment.


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  • smartboy75
    12-19 12:52 PM
    You should be fine. Now that you have the receipt, you can start working for employer B. Some wait for the actual transfer to take place before working. It is a matter of preference. From what you have mentioned, your case seems to be pretty straight fwd and should not be an issue.

    Good luck.

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  • trexx7
    10-02 03:56 PM
    I am currently working on H1B and have received my EAD and Advance Parole recently. I am planning to travel next month and want to use
    my Advance Parole for this purpose. When I come back (to avoid h1b stamping again in home country). Do I need to use EAD to continue
    working in US?

    Thanks in advance


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  • surabhi
    08-01 01:54 PM
    My employer has asked me to take care of our office in India. I am on H1B that will expire in 2011. We have decided for me to spend 2 months in India and one month in US. The plan is to reenter US on H1B since it will still be valid.
    I also have a pending 485 and i am going to let my EAD and AP timeout and stick to H1B.

    Now, the question is: will this be a problem? Is there a limitation on how long an H1B holder stay outside the US while continuing to maintain status?

    I am going to be travelling back to India soon but have already spent more than 5 months in india this year (onver three trips) and am wondering if there will be a problem when i come back in november.

    I cant find anything on the net no this.

    There is no problem. I had to do it for same reason i had to work 2-3 months in 2 instances. And for the final time, it was 15 month offshore India assignment. No problems at all.

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  • VivekAhuja
    02-20 03:42 PM
    The US consulates are well designed and no matter how old the person is - they will direct your mother and let her know exactly what is needed to be done. No Worries!


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  • glus
    01-02 09:42 AM
    Under certain circumstances, your International Student Advisor can grant a leave of absence for one semester for you. You need to get some paperwork from a doctor which will state that you can't attend college and why and for what reasons. However, this is not an easy case. Secondly, once you husband applies for I-130 based on marriage, this may violate your F-1 status as F-1 has purely non-immigrant intent and by filing I130 you show you intend to immigrate to the U.S.

    I tried to help my friend to transfer to another school when he was on F-1. A month after he transferred to the new school, the IS Advisor told him that his F-1 status has been canceled in the SEVIS system. Later, through FOIA he learned it was due to I-130 petition filed by his wife on his behalf a few months earlier. Conicidently, they canceled his F-1 just after the I130 approval. Luckily, his wife became a US citizen just few months later and he adjusted status due to that.

    I always advise to speak to an immigration attorney before taking any action. Thank you.

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  • mpgc
    05-18 10:26 AM

    Two weeks ago I received an RFE for my E-Filed I-131 Advance Parole.
    They requested two passport-style Photos but didn't mention where to send the RFE response.
    However, on the top right-corner (next to the US Dept. Homeland security Logo) on the RFE page, there is an address (P.O Box 852381 Mesquite, Texas 75185-2381).

    Underneath of the Director signature it has Officer # 159.

    I'm really confused
    1. Which address to send the RFE response?
    2. Attention to what??? (Should I put Attn: to this officer # 159)

    Please guide me ASAP...

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  • GCBy3000
    04-06 04:06 PM
    Hi, I have a question.

    1. My colleague crossed 2 years after filing 485. Frustrated with GC processes, he is switching company for better career prospects. He is using his EAD and invoking AC21. Is it possible for me to use his labor? If no, why?

    08-03 05:11 PM
    which visa can someone apply for it s/he intends to work as a caterer?is the J-1 visa applicable for this? if yes what r the eligibility requirements for this visa?

    It is unlikely that this would qualify for J-1 status, unless the caterer was coming here as a trainee of some sort. J-1 is for exchange visitors.

    All J-1 visitors must have a �program sponsor.� There are �umbrella sponsor� organizations, e.g. the American Council on International Personnel (American Council on International Personnel ( and the Association for International Practical Training (Welcome to ( You could contact them for specific information.

    03-28 04:14 PM
    Hello folks

    My fiances parents are applying for a B1/B2 Tourist visa on the basis of her 2 graduation ceremonies. We will get married in a court before her parents apply for a visa but the marriage ceremony will be between 2 graduations in US. If we also show that her parents are attending daughters wedding ceremony in US will the likelihood of them getting a visa increase? We can send a copy of marriage certificate before parents visa interview.


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