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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • NH123
    06-27 02:21 PM

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  • Saralayar
    07-25 02:24 PM
    Please let me know. My lawyer has taken my personal checks and sent them to USCIS...
    Yes. My friend gave personal check and no issues. he finished his FP and waiting for his AP.:)

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  • sw33t
    08-22 12:04 AM
    Please join the Texas IV group for more information.

    Thank you

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  • kumar1
    10-16 01:37 PM
    Thank you! Hopefully 8c/page is not big money for me.



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  • pmpforgc
    05-04 02:40 PM

    Since I got electronic refund to my tax rebate and have SSN for all family members, I was expecting Tax refund (stimulus) to be deposited in my bank accoung this week. This was big announcement in the last week.

    But I dont see any rebate deposited in my account?

    Does any of you have received such rebates?

    Is there any contacts numbers where we can approach if we did not received Stimulus rebate al though we filed electronically?


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  • kirupa
    03-27 12:44 AM
    Added your first one Junaidi :)

    Please create a second thread for your second entry so that I can link directly to it!


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  • Saralayar
    08-18 12:34 PM

    Very legitimate question- don't know if anyone here will have a good answer (I hope so) but I hope you get your problem solved. I would advise a consultation with a good attorney, this is a very important matter for you. Some attorney's will answer an initial question free on the web- gives you some preliminary info.

    All the best!
    Look into the USCIS travelors information website. That has a seperate FAQ for adoption.

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  • vts31
    10-21 01:24 AM
    another one.... :)


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  • gcpool
    07-14 01:58 PM
    Your priority date is not yet current. It will be in August.

    Also you need to prove that you have exhausted all ways to get it adjudicated.

    InfoPass - Eitherway its useless
    Approaching your senator.

    If none of these work then you apply for WOM
    Otherwise your case will be weak and be thrown out

    HI Gurus,

    I need advice from you guys,

    My priority date is June 2005 (EB2) and my I-485 receipt date is July 7th 2007 at TSC

    My questions regarding Writ of Mandamus are
    1. Would I be qualified to file for Writ of Mandamus (WOM)?
    2. If I am qualified, would it be of any benefit for me to file WOM based on my criteria as
    detailed above?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • srigc2010
    03-08 03:34 AM
    I have march 2005 priority date. I got a job in big company. How safe is it to invoke ac21? What all precautions/steps do I need to take? if it is risky, i will continue in my current company. Can you please respond with your experiences?

    Thanks so much in advance.


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  • uma001
    05-04 04:31 PM

    My Company recently started Perm process and posted ads in newspaper and jobsites. We have recieved couple of resumes. One of the resume meets almost all requirements, but doesn't have enough experiance in one skill set and also doesn't have required Bachelors Degree in MIS or Computer Science or EEE.

    Can we reject the candidate saying, doesn't have required bachelors Degree in above mentioned 3 fields, and not having enough experiance in one of the specified skill set?

    And also do we need to do interview candidates before rejecting?


    Are you VP or HR person or interviewer? Why do you care about these things?
    If you are not employer, your company will take care of these things.Did they ask you to help them in this regard??

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  • nixstor
    08-31 01:47 PM
    Just shot an email to the address provided.


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  • rajje
    12-28 02:56 PM

    I got my perm (EB2) approved in 5 weeks :)

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  • immigrationmatters30
    07-25 01:32 PM
    I am planning on accepting a full time position at client.I did not start with them yet. Client's lawyer is planning on applying for the PERM application and recruitment has already finished. My question is
    Since I am yet to join the client, should the question in PERM application "Has the job been offered to foreign national " be set to Yes or No. Clients lawyer says we can leave it as "No"(Since I did not start with them yet) but chances of getting Denial because of this question are high. Should I join the client and then file for PERM or Is it OK to set it as "No" and hope it will get approved.I am planning on joining the client in couple of months.


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  • deba
    08-03 03:56 PM
    My situation is that Lawyer says I-485 appl. was hand delivered to INS at Nebraska on July 2nd morn. They had sent about 300 appls. July 2nd that way to avoid the change of dates fiasco etc.

    Now, his office says that INS has not given any receipt for the delivery or acceptance of the hand delivered packages and there is no way to get a receipt etc. until checks are cleared. Since there is no tracking # etc. from fedex we are in the dark about the acceptance situation. According to him none of the packets have been returned either.

    Is there anyone else in a similar situation?

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  • pune_guy
    02-15 05:34 PM
    Is it true that H4 spouse, who do not have SSN are not eligible for tax rebate if while filing a joint tax return for 2007 ITIN is used for spouse.

    It seems ITIN is given to illegal aliens too and hence it is not possible for IRS to determine which ITIN holders are legal and which are illegal. Thus they are not going to give tax rebates to ITIN holders.

    My wife is on H4 and has a EAD/AP. Should I apply for SSN to receive the tax rebates? But since the tax rebates are based on 2007 tax return I will have to file the tax return using her SSN to get the rebates.

    Also will SSN affect her H4 status if EAD is not used?

    What do you guys think?


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  • ronhira
    06-08 10:36 AM
    Sen. Reid is up for re-election in 2010. That's why he is making statements like these favoring Immigration Bill because there is large hispanic population in NV that will be potential voters for Senator's re-election.

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  • wandmaker
    11-29 11:38 AM
    Thank for your reply
    As I interpret what you said If she comes back on H4 her H1 (i797) invalidates?

    Yes, she can not work until she files another h4-h1 (cos) - you will not be subject to cap, you can do that any time after she enters.

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  • baburob2
    08-21 09:21 PM
    I-94 determines your status in US and visa stamp is a merely used to enter into US .hence make sure your I-94 is stamped till the expiry date of new I-797 otherwise you would get into issues.

    07-01 05:13 PM
    H1 extension can be applied upto 6 months before the expiry of current H1.

    If you haven't completed 6 years on H1, you can always extend it as usual.

    If you have completed 6 years on H1B, you have to have one of the following to extend your H1B.

    1. Labor/Perm was applied at least 1 year back
    In this case, your H1 will be extended another year

    2. I-140 is approved.
    In this case, your H1B will be extended 3 years.

    More than likely your I-140 will be approved before November 2009 if it is a reasonably clean case. ( USCIS I-140 processing time has come down drastically)

    BTW you don't get an H1 automatically on your 140 approval, your company has to apply for it.
    Hope this helps.

    10-05 04:25 AM
    Yes, i765 is the EAD card. It will be issues eventhough your i140 is pending.

    question: Can one work for the sponsoring company using the ead even if i140 is still pending?


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