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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • gkp.gaurav
    07-13 09:37 AM
    Very very clever. This one is my personal favorite...Great job!


    Thanks MagicFlasher and FrostBite :)

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  • reverendflash
    10-14 01:38 AM
    have you tried:

    lots o' sounds:P


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  • hcard
    05-21 09:25 AM
    Senate Floor to Start Debating the Emergency Iraq War Supplemental Spending Bill This Morning

    As reported earlier, the immigrant community has a huge stake at this bill because of the immigration bill amendments attached to this bill by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Democratic leadership intends to push this legislative bill and pass it before they go into a Memorial holiday break. There are two challenges ahead for this legislation. One is the right wing Republican Senators who declared their plan to engage in a cat-and-dog fight against this bill, particularly AgJOBS bill of Senator Feinstein which they consider an amnesty bill. The drama of confrontation between the Democratic majority and the Republican minority will unfold in the form of cloture motion to be pushed by the Democrats and the Repulicans attempt to block the motion and to introduce amendments to kill the controvertial amendments. We do not know how Sen. Ted Kennedy's hospitalization will affect in the drama. As people know it, Sen. Kennedy is diagnosed with a brain tumor and his availability in the Senate floor activities remains open at this point. Aside from this challenge, there is another challenge ahead on the other side in the Beltway. It is the White House. Reportedly, President Bush has expressed his intention to veto this bill because of the conditions attached to this bill on the Iraq War. We should hold breath for the next 10 days to watch how all of the drama will unfold and in what way, the curtain will pull down.

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  • xbohdpukc
    04-21 08:17 PM
    Surely won't fly.
    I-140 doesn't belong to the employee. Period.


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  • dish
    10-03 03:38 PM
    Recently we are not seeing many job postings by dallas bec , in the name of teamexceed ofcourse. PBEC is running the recruitment process in a faster way. More Advertisements..........On the other hand, DBEC still in a slumber.......

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  • uncentainty
    05-08 10:18 PM
    I worked under H1B (valid 11/02/2009 - 10/14/2012) with nonstop paystubs since 11/02/2009.

    On 08/02/2010, some bad girl just wrote one short sentence false statement to USCIS and cancelled/revoked my H1B on 08/09/2010 secretly since she didn't notify anybody about what she had done. She also ignored 2 USCIS letters (dated 08/13/2010 and 02/04/2011 respectively) regarding the H1B cancellation.

    When I was going to join a new employer in March, I was told that my H1B was "inactive" and "retracted" by USCIS. the bad girl subsiquently filed a H1B petition with nunc pro tunc requirement for me but USCIS only approved I-797B with validation period 04/14/2011 - 10/14/2012 without I-94. I have to get H-1B visa from a US consulate.

    Will I be subject to 3 years ban?! Technically I have been OOS since 08/09/2010, however, I have been paid without any gap since 08/09/2010. I have nonstop paystubs since 11/02/2009. I am still being paid. The next paystub will be available on next Friday.

    Will I be subject to 3 years ban?! Can I apply for a visa back?! Can I file a criminal charge against this bad girl?!

    I feel hopeless until found this forum! Thanks for your helps!!!

    Life is uncertain


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  • fatjoe
    10-22 11:07 AM
    Looks like NSC is sending EAD cards in a 'first filed first served ' sequence. I have been monitoring this with my friends circle, where EAD is issued in chronological order. About a few weeks ago, one of my friends received EAD for his July 24th filing, a week ago an Aug 6th filer received EAD card, Last week Aug 8th and 13th filers received EADs.
    I filed on Aug 10, but no EAD yet for me. Anybody who filed before Aug 13, didn't receive EAD yet?
    I filed my 485 on July 18 at NSC. The checks got cleared only last week at TSC. Looks like my 485 was tranferred from NSC to TSC. So, will I be having problem in getting my EAD, as my 485 is filed at TSC now, and EAD is at NSC.
    Please respond your views.

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  • panky72
    06-18 04:36 PM
    When I went to my county health dept to get vaccination shots (for medical exam), they asked me to see the civil surgeon first, "else you will pay lot more for shots that you do not need". I gave them the standard list (MMR, Polio, DTaP, Influenza type B, Hepatitis B), and there are a few more in (page 3 of) I-693 form ( Someone on this thread ( (second-last post) says you may need a shorter list based on your age group. Did anyone recently take these shots, and can she/he give the correct list here?

    I only took TDaP (Adacel) shot. For MMR, Hepatitis B and Chicken Pox I had a blood test which showed that I am immune. You do not need polio shot.


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  • maine_gc
    12-18 10:28 AM
    KY members??????????

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  • gotgc?
    09-18 10:20 AM

    My pending I-140 (filed an year ago...June 2006) was transferred from TSC to NSC on 09/05/2007, because my I-485 was filed with NSC. What date willl NSC use as received date to process my case...the date they received from TSC or the original receipt date?


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  • nagu
    02-26 09:57 PM
    you mean Ron Gotcher. I approached today and he said no. But i did not mention about MTA/MTR option.

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  • kothuri
    10-02 03:16 PM
    I came across this article on and got lil nervous.

    I am currently on H1b applied for 485, LC Cleared, I140 Cleared.
    I work for a company X but own another consulting company and I am a passive partner with a share of 49%. Another friend of mine who is also in the same boat as I am is another partner with 49% stake. My Sister who is a Green Card holder has 2% Stake and is an active partner.

    I have not taken a single penny from the company in the last 2yrs we formed the company and we file a K1 every year. Even though the company makes profits/loss we are not taking the profit nor writing off the losses from our individual taxes, However both of us (I and my friend who are passive partners) end up doing most of the work such as
    1. Signing the bank checks
    2. Signing the USCIS documents for employees who are working for our company.(for I129, etc etc)

    Does this mean that I am a clear candidate to be on INS Red alert/Radar?

    I know that an H1b holder can have a company on H1B and cannot work for that company part time/full time precisely what I have been doing since I have never taken a pay check from the company however I never thought that this could have implications on the 485 approval.

    Can some one answer my question. I guess I am more looking at some one like UnitedNations to answer.



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    12-22 09:28 PM
    on 2nd req, my opinion would be to submit following related to ur skills.
    - certifications earned from industry recognised bodies like PMP or OCP etc.
    - any inhouse training recd certificates
    - any vendor recd training certificates

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  • naveenpratapsingh
    02-01 10:38 AM
    No you do not need an airport transit visa if you are travelling via Germany by Lufthansa using ur AP. Until and unless you do not change terminals it should be fine and all lufthansa flight arrive/depart from same terminals.

    I just returned yesterday using my AP and I traveled via Munich.

    You will be asked for your AP at immigration in India as well as while transiting in Germany..


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  • bluekayal
    05-31 05:28 AM
    not a problem. Have a good trip.

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  • kierontam
    11-01 11:14 AM

    I just graduated with a Bachelor Degree, and I am currently on H1B. I am so concerned about the 5 year backlog on EB-3, which will take more 10+ years to become a citizen....

    I am thinking about getting an online MBA degree from an accredited school ASAP, and ask my employer to promote me to a position that require an MBA, ex. manager. (I think it's not a problem in a small company) Will I be able to get into the EB-2 line?

    Have anyone done that before? May you share your experience whether it's successful or not?


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  • amindarshana
    01-24 08:38 AM
    I have some issues with my 140.. I have doubt it might get denied... so if my my husband (H4) starts working now on EAD, he will loose his h4 status... and later if 140 is denied , he will be out of status , he has to go back to india and get h4 stamped... I don't want to go through all this just matter of couple of months.. will wait for 140 decision...and if it gets approved he will use EAD to work.

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  • godbless
    01-16 02:02 PM
    I need some information too. While flying from USA to India with a stop over at Heathrow, London would I need a transit visa? Please inform as I have to make my reservation today itself due to some emergency back home. Thanks in advance.

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  • pappu
    05-22 03:33 PM
    This is not related to IV agenda and legislative updates section.

    Photo Chef
    May 18th, 2007, 11:05 AM
    I guess tricks isnt the best word to use, i have had photo courses, and have had the rule of thirds pounded into my head by many a teacher ;)

    I'm more interested in the shortcuts and other features of the camera and settings. I know the basics of taking a good photo, but have a lot more practice.

    12-07 01:53 PM
    Refer processing times at and search for "All other applicants for advance parole". Right now they are processing July 03, 2007 cases.

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