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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • gcpower1
    01-27 07:24 PM
    Visa Number is just created for ASIAN people not any one else. Visa Numbers are allocated before M.L.King and not revised since then and never revised.

    How stupid we are still asking number insted of solution.

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  • studentvisa
    12-26 08:53 AM
    This means "big brother" watching.....

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  • anilsal
    06-16 11:45 PM
    Thank you for your time and I appreciate your effort.

    I have two Approved I-140s (both filed by same company).
    • Filed I-140 & I-485 concurrently with a PD of Nov 2007 (Original Labor) - I-140 Approved and I-485 Pending
    • Filed I-140 with PD March 2005 (Substitution Labor) - I-140 Approved.

    1. I would greatly appreciate if you can let me know what are my options and any relative information (Letter formats etc.)
    2. Can Info-Pass work instead of writing to USCIS?

    1) Send letters to the service center explaining your situation and the priority dates + 140 approval LIN#(NSC) or WAC# or whichever approval numbers you have. You need to stress that your dates are current and that your AOS applications have to be approved based on the current 140 (irrespective of which approved 140, the 485 apps were filed).
    2) Send faxes same as the letter.
    3) Call the NSC/TSC IOs. (If you reach the national customer service center, no luck).
    4) Take Infopass.

    One of the above options will work.

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  • GCtogo
    07-25 06:11 PM
    Yes. I am working for a Consulting company and I filed labour in PERM process.


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  • buehler
    08-24 07:38 AM
    When I view the home page using Firefox, I see a big blank space where the video is supposed to be. It is fine in IE. Am I the only one having trouble? If not core team please look into it.

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  • ahiyer
    09-26 08:57 PM
    I am trying to find health insurance for my spouse who is in H4 visa.

    Could you please let me know if I can buy the health insurance only for her? Is there some law which states H1B visa holder also needs to buy the health insurance along with the spouse?

    BTW, I am living in NJ.

    Appreciate, your inputs and pointers on this issue.



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  • gc_chahiye
    09-27 05:02 PM
    is it absolutely safe to travel with pending i 485 app with valid h1b stamping with receipt notice and completed fp.?we are kind of confuded whether to plan for the travel...We have not yet received the actual advance parole. i read somwhere that if u leave the country wth pending i 485 but without ap ur appl is considered this true.?..we have the option to change the trip to apr too.In a nutshell is it completely safe to travel on 485 pending appl without ap with valid stamping.?:confused:
    Has any1 wth the same situation has gone and come back without any issues?
    Gurus ur input s greatly appreciated.

    Whats your PD? If you are on H1, have a stamping and already have the 485 receipt, the only possible issue with travel is if your 485 gets approved when you are abroad. People have still managed to enter on H1 as PoE officer apparently does not realize about your 485 approval.

    If its a recent PD, then no issues, you can travel (Actually my lawyer told me I can travel even without getting the 485 receipt, but thats apparently a bit of a grey area)

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  • jasmin45
    08-03 03:53 PM
    The 485 papers due to the rush for July 2nd. So looks like it is normal huh!!!

    Can someone clarify if it is normal for attorney's to sign the 485 papers?

    If you signed G-28 and authorized Attorney to do that, yes they can sign the application on behalf of you and send it.


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  • AJT
    07-06 10:41 PM
    Dear Core Team,

    Can you please indicate on the site if there are any bills (pending or otherwise in both the house and senate) that can get renewed focus or revived that would offer some sort of relief to the current situation of unavailability of visa numbers in the employment based green card process. I strongly feel that the current momentum and attention being drawn by the DOS/CIS update can be used to urge congress to pass some interim measure outside of CIR. That is where in my opinion should IV's focus be at this juncture. If and when you post anything on the site, i and other IV members i'm sure shall begin calling house reps. and senators to urge them for bringing the bill to the floor so that it provides relief to hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants.


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  • bsnf
    07-13 10:36 AM
    I have just signed a contract to buy a new home.
    The first step is to be eligible for mortgage.

    During an interview with mortgage counsellor, she asked my visa status.
    I tried explaining her that I was not on H1 and had not received GC yet, that I am on EAD.
    But she did not understand it. She only understands H1 or GreenCard.

    I am not on H1 since I changed my employer and it expires this October.
    I have also travelled on Advanced parole.
    Recent EAD is good until 2010.

    Can anyone help?


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  • virtual55
    06-21 10:36 AM
    what should we fill for the 10th question in I 134,

    They are asking did we submit visa petition to CIS on behalf of following persons

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  • trexx7
    10-02 04:17 PM
    Just bumping..


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  • h1bintrouble
    04-07 11:01 AM
    Guyz, can somebody help me how to post a question here!!! I just got on to the website and created an id. now how do i post my question? i do not see a choice to "Create a New Post" or something like that. I can only see existing posts and do a reply to them..Sorry for being here..

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  • kirupa
    08-26 03:58 AM
    I would go with Method 2 since you are not taking up resources having all six of the contents in memory - even if their visibility is set to false.



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  • smsthss
    02-18 07:52 PM
    I have an approved LC, I140 and I485 pending with EB3 PD DEC 04 supported by my employer. My employer recently filed an LC perm for another employee for the same position as mine under EB2. Can my employer use the same recruiting documentation used for this perm to file new perm for me under EB2 since both positions are w/ same title & description & same employer. Can someone answer this please.

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  • pointlesswait
    10-07 04:38 PM
    to port ur PD u shoudl have ur 140 approved from the first filing!
    You can port PD only by sending in the previous approved 140 with the new 140 and request for interfiling!

    gurus will correct me if i am wrong!

    First time I applied Labor Certification (LC) in 2004(pending, not approved or denied) and second time I applied on PERM without porting the first Labor application date with same company, same catagory(EB3) and same job description which approved with PD Feb 2006. I applied 485 on july last year when all PD were current.

    Question: Can I port my PD from the first Labor application date now.


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  • pappu
    09-10 11:27 AM
    If anyone is planning to drive from CT for the rally or is not driving because they are unsure, or not motivated enough... then here is your chance.

    We can join together and go to DC and come back together. I am planning to go on Monday 17th morning. Ill be coming from New Haven/Hamden area in CT.

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  • SA EB3 Retro
    10-13 08:55 AM
    Same here.

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  • looivy
    08-14 12:00 AM
    You will not jeopardize your I-485 as long as job with company C is in same or similar occupation. Whether USCIS will grant an H-1 3 year extension based on a withdrawn/revoked I-140 is not certain. I outlined the reasons for this uncertainty in my response on the thread entitled "Facing Layoff---6 months left..."

    Thanks Ann for your reply.

    So in short, B to C H1 transfer/extension is usually not possible if I-140 is revoked.

    05-05 03:08 PM
    My perm from May-09 went to audit & was approved in April-11. I noticed the dates for audited cases are moving forward quickly & jumped 9 months from March-09 to December-09. As your date falls in the March-December range, I would wait until the end of this month and then contact the DOL. My reasoning is that your application is sitting on someones table (waiting to be approved). Good luck to you.

    10-26 04:14 PM
    I also asked my company lawyer and they are suggesting that since her status is H4 she can not work. For working on EAD she has to leave country and reenter on AP.
    So a little confused here?

    That is not true. If she has her own EAD, she can start working anytime. Whenever she does that, she will automatically abandon H4 and her status will automatically become AOS.

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