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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • rssb
    10-12 11:36 AM
    Based on your approved I-140 if you are eligible to file 485 or get EAD then he can also get EAD.

    But using only approved I-140 , then only the beneficiary can get extended.

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  • MatsP
    February 13th, 2009, 04:06 AM
    This obviously depends on the reason it was refurbished, but I would expect that most refurb cameras are warranty returns that have been fixed of whatever the warranty problem was. Since the repair would replace the failed part, it would be fair to say that they are at least as good as the original one (and if it's a "common problem part" then it's even likely that a new, better part has replaced the faulty part, which would make it BETTER than the original one).

    And obviously, with consideration for the reputation of the company, I would expect that Nikon doesn't sell refurbished cameras that have any notable faults (scrapes, scratches, dust, etc) - if the damage isn't in an easy to replace part, the camera is probably used for scrap parts for other repair projects, or just destroyed.

    Of course, I would check what the terms and conditions for returns, refunds and warranty is - are you paying less because you get less warranty, or simply because it has 10 or 100 exposures on the "clock", or because you get less warranty or other rights to complain?


    Jul 2nd Filer...waiting for FP notice [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Jul 2nd Filer...waiting for FP notice

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  • babu123
    03-31 05:10 PM
    Dear Friends,

    I am a derived applicant in my green card process and recently I converted to EAD status from H1B.
    My sister is US citizen. I would like to know if I am eligible to file another set of green card application thru family based option that is available. I know its a long queue.
    I want to know if I am eligible for this process.
    If I am eligible to file, am I eligible to file EAD thru that application as well.


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  • vicks_don
    08-13 09:37 AM
    Just fyi to be cautious.

    There was a CBP Admission Review Squad at Washinton Dulles Airport on 11th evening. They sent all passengers from multiple flights to secondary check where they had to wait for over 4 hours. They were instances were people were not admitted or given just 1 month entry with specific instructions written on I94 that they cannot apply for EOS or AOS. This is for visiting Visa.


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  • cowboyqb
    05-06 08:52 PM
    You are talking about new question is for 140 transfers.

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  • buntee2
    06-17 11:50 AM
    This is preposterous. It should not take that long. Please keep me updated and let me know when you receive your receipt.


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  • ravinaidu
    11-10 02:19 PM
    Guys: With economy in such a bad state, how do you think he can even think about the immigrants. People are being laid off every day. I can see anger building on the face of Americans when they see foreigners. It will be a while before our voices are heard.

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  • Dhundhun
    07-11 09:42 PM
    I sent a PM to you. Hope that is helpful.


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  • lecter
    May 24th, 2004, 09:21 AM
    nice job!!

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  • velan
    06-06 12:52 PM

    Please discuss this citizenship issues with other forums or good attorney, you will get good response from them. Man, you are talking about the next level, members in this forum are fighting long for getting their green card and discussing retrogression related issue only.


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  • NH123
    07-24 03:46 PM
    Is it possible to start a business on H1-B.Will there be any issues when i will file my 485.Can i open a bank account in USA and start doing transactions on that account ?Thanks in advance

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  • cox
    June 25th, 2005, 01:06 PM
    Yeah, the horizontal shot had no sky that wasn't gray - I took many. Also the left side of the bridge has some maintenance going on and looks awful (tarps & scaffolds). I'll work it over some more in PS. Thanks for the feedback :)


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  • wandmaker
    12-18 10:25 PM
    Whether apply for H1B renewal or apply for EAD or apply for both as a safer side ?

    Renew your H1B and EAD - Use EAD when you a really need it.

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    05-21 10:33 AM
    As long as you have your returning documents, i.e. AP for yourself and valid unexpired visa for your wife you should be OK.

    Just use AVR (search online and print the rules). This way you can return on same I-94 within next 30 days.

    We used it when we did our landing back in 2008.


    My wife and I will be Canadian Permanent Residents in a few months. I am on EAD with I485 pending and have AP. She is on H1B

    We will need to Travel to Canada for Immigrant Landing formalities after we get PR.

    How can we enter back in US so that my AOS and her H1B Status is not affected?



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  • mk26
    04-25 10:26 PM
    Any one please reply if you know the answer..

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-08 07:10 PM
    See the answers below, IN CAPS

    I have couple of questions regarding timeperiod for which I can stay outside US while my I-485 is pending . I had to undergo a re-do surgery of my back in India and was adviced complete bed rest till it heals due to which I am outside US since Jan ending till date

    1) Will it effect my GC application as some say its not good to stay more than 180 days outside US continously.


    2) I am on H1 status will it be a issue at POE to have gone for this long


    3) What docs should I be carrying to awnser questions at POE.Is client letter mandatory or continued employment letter and I797 good


    Kindly let me know your advice in this case


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  • SlowRoasted
    04-24 10:28 PM
    not bad dude;)

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  • amitjoey
    01-21 12:33 PM
    Hi guys,

    I know this is Off Topic (OT), but I was wondering if ALL Tax payers including immigrants on H1B will be getting the proposed tax rebates. This had happened in 2001 as well and my citizen co-workers remember getting checks.

    Does anyone who was on an H1B in 2001 remember getting a similar rebate check? I definitely dont remember getting one.

    For tax purposes, you are considered a "US resident" and will get all the breaks or rebates that a US Resident will get.
    I think I did get the 2001 year rebate

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  • Aah_GC
    07-08 10:12 PM
    Title and Job responsibilities dont matter as long as they are same or similar. Your GC Labor has been approved for the title 'Analyst Programmer', so its well worth an effort for you to carry that forward (in same or similar lines).

    09-20 11:29 AM
    First off, the chances of you being denied an H1 renewal are zero to none unless ofcourse you or your attorney made a error on your application (incorrect fees etc).

    For argument purposes, if your H1 is denied you could always fall back on your EAD. Denial of H1 does not invalidate your I-485 as long as your "JOB" is still present. Now your entire status is dependent on your AOS application. If you AOS (485) is denied you would have to leave the country.

    If your H1 is renewed, you can stay in the US for the entire period of its validity even if your I-485 application is rejected/denied.

    As always, take all advice given on a message board with a grain of salt and consult an attorney.

    08-20 09:32 AM
    i am a july 2nd filer and i received notice for FP.

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